About Us

Nourish Cafe is a family-owned business that specializes in selling organic food using fresh, high-quality, local ingredients. They are passionate about the environment and use sustainable business practices and biodegradable packaging to minimize their carbon footprint.

Nina and Harold have a heart for diversity, physical, and spiritual health. They impart this into the food they bring to the table using a fusion of organic western and Maori traditional kai. As such, their cafe's motto is "Whangaihia to tinana ki te kai organic" that translates to ‘nourish your body with organic kai.’


Locally Sourced

All our food is sourced locally from farmers markets, fisheries and our meat comes from our own backyard. We take pride in growing our own herbs and plants which adds to our homegrown experience

Nourish Your Body

Here at Cafe Nourish we believe that its not just eating clean that is good for you, but looking at your entire body, including your soul and mind and your spirit and aligning them all contributes to living well and healthy.

Kai (Māori cuisine )

Kai (Māori cuisine ) is celebrated across Aotearoa. Here at Nourish Cafe we give you a dining experience of a unique fusion of western and traditional Māori food flavours. All from forest, sea, river and field.